26 September 2017 – ASX RELEASE

Zoono Group Limited (ASX: ZNO) is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with Beijing Bei Guang Jia Purchase Trading Company Ltd., trading as RBCGO, to sell its unique antimicrobial products to Chinese consumers through home shopping TV, radio and online channels and via the Alibaba and TMall platforms.

The initial product launch, presently scheduled for immediately before the Chinese New Year in February 2018, will be in the Beijing region with a target audience of approximately 30 million households. If successful, the opportunity exists for the products to be sold elsewhere in China through the RBCGO network (reaching circa 300 million households).

A broad range of Zoono products will be offered for sale (all under the Zoono brand), including five separate skin care products, four surface products and a baby care range. These will be sold in pre-agreed bundles at RMB199.00 (NZ$40.00) and RMB299 (NZ$60.00) each.

Zoono anticipates adding new products (including wet wipes, dry wipes, microfibre cloths, an anti-aging skin care product and an antimicrobial body wash) to the range of products sold within six months of the initial launch. It is anticipated the addition of new products using the unique Zoono antimicrobial formula will be ongoing.

RBCGO is a Beijing registered company majority owned (70%) by the Chinese Government. E-commerce juggernaut, Alibaba Group Holdings Limited, is one of the sales channel utilised by RBCGO. The RBCGO contract will provide Zoono with access to not only a potential 300 million Chinese households (through home shopping TV and radio programs) but also to the Alibaba sales platform and other new platforms being developed to capture the widest possible market traversing age groups and diverse socio-economic sectors.

The Board of Zoono believes that, while this is a potential game changer for the Company, the signing of the contract is only the first step. There is still considerable detail to work through with our new partner to ensure a high standard of execution, including a trial period.

On signing the agreement today, Mr. Zhang, President, RBCGO, said “we are very pleased to have the opportunity to sell the unique Zoono range of products to our wide customer base. This unique product will provide healthy protection for our customers and we will promote it vigorously.”

For further Information please contact:

Paul Hyslop, Managing Director on +64 21 659 977

or visit www.zoono.com


For further information on RBCGO visit http://www.rbcgo.cn or see their web shopping platform at http://www.ugoshop.com .

About Zoono:

Zoono specialises in the development, manufacture and global distribution of a suite of proven, long lasting and environmentally friendly antimicrobial solutions. It has developed products, including aerosol-based sprays, suited for skin care, surface sanitisers, treatment of acne and mould remediation. The products are based around the “Zoono Molecule”; a unique, antimicrobial molecule that bonds to any surface and kills pathogens including bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and mould. It has proven efficacy, longevity and, importantly, it does not leach. Zoono products are currently sold in many countries.

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