We’re closer than ever to removing toxic chemicals from the food chain!

Are you concerned about what happens to your food before it makes it to your kitchen?

Food supply industries will make a massive shift away from harsh chemicals when they adapt Zoono’s unique technology to their hygiene practices.

We’re focussed on making sure Zoono is available throughout the food supply chain by partnering with sterilising contractors. We’re ready to transform hygiene in:

  • Farming facilities
  • Food processing facilities
  • Supermarkets/Butchers/Bakeries

Why is this important? Toxic chemicals near our food could have a detrimental impact on our health and traditional products may kill bacteria at first but they will not continue to kill.

We’ve been working with farmers who’ve been using Zoono instead of nasty chemicals to keep their animals healthy. We’re pleased to report the animals are happier and healthier. Also, the need for antibiotics is plummeting! 

What is Zoono?

Zoono is a unique solution that lasts on surfaces for longer and mechanically kills pathogens, it is a substitute for dangerous chemicals and has the potential to reduce the need for antibiotics in animals.

Zoono’s toxicity level is similar to vitamin C and coffee and Zoono has food safety approvals in New Zealand and Australia.

Here’s a summary of the results from a recent trial in a New Zealand poultry shed:

A large shed was treated over 3 cycles to determine the pathogen levels and the effect of using Zoono.

Zoono's long-lasting technology resulted in a significant reduction in pathogen levels. And, the chickens were healthier!

The weight of 75,000 chickens increased an extra 70 grams in 30 days.

The impact on their health and wellness was clearly demonstrated!

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to ask by emailing hello@zoono.com