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Healthy Hygienic Home Pack | 7 Items

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Keep the ones you love happy and healthy with the box to create a healthy hygienic home.

Bacteria, mould and algae pose a serious health threat to the ones we love.

Each pack contains:

  • Microbe Shield All Purpose Spray & Wipes: For a 30 day antibacterial protective barrier (Zoono Microbe Shield All Purpose 250ml; Zoono Microbe Shield Surface Wipes 20ea)
  • Microbe Shield Room Deodoriser: To freshen rooms without overpowering fragrances by eliminating bacterial odours (Zoono Microbe Shield Room Deodoriser 250mL)
  • ZAM Surface Cleaner and Microbe Shield Mould Guard: Thoroughly clean surface to completely remove mould with ZAM THEN spray surface with Mould Guard to protect surfaces for up to 6 month (Zoono Zam Surface Cleaner 250mL; Zoono Microbe Shield Mould Guard Spray 250ml)
  • Hand Sanitiser will keep you and the family protected all day with just one application (Zoono Hand Sanitiser Foamer 150ml & Zoono Hand Sanitiser Wipes)