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Mould Removal & Prevention Pack | 2 Items

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The ultimate mould removal pack. Thoroughly clean with Zoono ZAM Mould & Surface cleaner then protect with Zoono Mould Guard to prevent growth for up to 30 days.

  • Clean with ZAM to leave targeted surfaces ultra clean & free from surface mould and algae
  • Mould Protection Spray. Protects surfaces from mould and algae for long periods of time. Works by forming an invisible antimicrobial shield that bonds to surfaces and protects against mould and algae.

Zoono Mould Guard is suitable for use on a wide range of mould prone surfaces
• Kitchen, bathroom and laundry surfaces: toilet, vanity, shower, glass, tiles and paint work.
• Outdoor surfaces: boats, tents, canopies, swimming pools, tiles and umbrellas.

This pack contains:

  • 1x ZAM Mould & Surface Cleaner 250mL
  • 1x Mould Guard 250mL