“Revive Live” with a revolutionary technology that keeps people safer – and improves your bottom line.

There are so many things in the live entertainment industry that are out of our control – weather, traffic, technology, even our beloved fans and artists. 


ZOONO’s market-leading barrier technology puts the control in your hands when it comes to the safety of your talent and your environment – whether that be a music venue, outdoor festival, or tour bus. With 90-day protection on surfaces and 24-hour effectiveness on hands, ZOONO allows you to deliver far better protection while spending less. 


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ZOONO® is here to help revive live, safely… by keeping surfaces and hands cleaner, longer.

Now offering an exclusive 20% discount to Pollstar attendees, ZOONO® delivers a business proposition that is difficult to ignore: Increase safety and save money.

Long-Lasting Protection
The ZOONO® barrier stays intact for up to 90 days on surfaces and up to 24 hours on hands, even through regular cleaning and hand-washing. This means that with ZOONO®, your environment and your hands will remain persistently clean for far longer than what’s possible with traditional products. Now that is peace of mind!
Cost Effective
Event organizers and venue operators are spending more than ever to keep their facilities clean and guests safe – yet, in many cases, not materially improving the state of environmental hygiene. Given the long-lasting power of ZOONO, you get far better protection while spending less.
A Safer Alternative
ZOONO® is water-based, non-corrosive, and less toxic than Vitamin C. Unlike disinfectants that use alcohol or poisons to kill germs, ZOONO® uses physics. Once dry, ZOONO®covalently bonds to the surface and creates a barrier that resembles a layer of microscopic pins. These pins attract and pierce microorganisms so they cannot survive.

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ZOONO® Surface Sanitiser & Protectant can be used weekly for high touchpoints to provide long-lasting germ protection.
ZOONO® Surface Sanitiser forms a long-lasting antibacterial shield that bonds to surfaces and kills 99.9% of germs for up to 30 days. Spray onto critical surfaces and touchpoints, wipe if necessary to ensure thorough coverage.
We recommend ZOONO® Surface Sanitiser is applied monthly or as required and is used in conjunction with routine hygiene procedures.
Removal of Matter: We recommend thorough cleaning before application to remove matter from the elected touch point surfaces.
Protective Layer: Zoono is applied thoroughly to all surfaces using a fogging machine.
ATP Testing & Reporting: ATP testing can be carried out for reporting purposes.