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  • Fight Harmful Germs

  • Protect your loved ones...

Fight Harmful Germs


Protect your loved ones...


This is the future of antimicrobial technology. Daily germ defence for your family! Our skin & surface sanitisers are formulated to kill the toughest germs for longer, without harsh chemicals.


NEW Business Protection packs

For Surfaces

This pack has been designed with all the essentials to help prevent the spread of bugs when someone in office is sick.

One single application will last up to 30 days!

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For Hands

This pack has been designed with all the essentials to help prevent the spread of bugs when someone in the office is sick.

Apply once a day, every morning, for up to 24 hour protection!

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Less sickness, better quality sleep & more energy starts here.

When your loved ones are sick your routine goes out the window. Days off school and endless nights. The parenthood struggle is real! Here's why more and more are trusting Zoono to reduce their chances of getting sick.



Zoono lasts for up to 24 hours on skin & up to 30 days on surfaces.

Ultra Gentle


Zoono doesn't use dangerous chemicals or alcohol. 

Recommended by Microbiologists


Zoono’s effectiveness has been verified by over 100 lab results.



Zoono bonds to the surface to create a protective layer


The Zoono surface attracts pathogens


The pathogen bursts like a balloon on contact


And you're protected!

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Families around the world are choosing Zoono to help avoid disruptive bugs and stay on track. Avoiding germs where it matters most means...

"Best cold-prevention thing I've been sent this season (and believe me, I get a lot of supplements)"

Nikki Bezzant, Healthy Food Guide

I have worked in childcare for the past decade so I am constantly exposed to every form of illness you can imagine! These products CHANGED MY LIFE! I used to get sick with colds/flus/gastro 5-8 times a year minimum. For the past 2 years I have been using the hand sanitiser every single morning and in that time I haven’t been sick once!! Not even a runny nose!! It is literally a game changer.

@kodiei via Instagram

"Isn't this amazing! All childcare centres should have it!"  

"I have a full size one in the kitchen and apply once a day to me and the kids, and a smaller bottle in my bag for when we are eating out or they have to use public toilets"

Jordan, @withthewhittakers

My whole house got sick with the bug, and my daughter was the only one who didn't and she was the only one who used the Hand Sanitiser for 24 hour protection on that morning!! And she is normally the one that always gets stick! Thank you for having products that work!

Ange, @kenziandme

We had an outbreak of gastro and the flu, and with your products (the only thing we did differently to usual), the nastoes didn't spread past the first person infected. So THANK YOU!

Alyson - Instagram Follower


One application of Zoono Hand Sanitiser in the morning provides an antibacterial protective layer all day so you can relax, knowing they’re protected


Keep surfaces hygienic for longer without the hassle of sterilising every day! Using Zoono after you clean gives you germ-free surfaces for up to 30 days