ZOONO®’s ground-breaking hand and surface sanitisers keep working long after they are applied.

ZOONO® has been proven to remain active on the skin for up to 24 hours and on surfaces for up to 30 days.*



With ZOONO®‘s long-lasting layer you can go about daily life knowing you have extra protection from germs on people and surfaces all day long.

The Zoono® Difference

ZOONO® has been proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria on the skin for up to 24 hours and bacteria on surfaces for up to 30 days.*
Pleasant to use
Our products are water-based, alcohol free and our Hand Sanitiser has been dermatologically tested.
Our Surface Sanitiser & Protectant has food contact and food packaging approvals.
Scientifically Proven
ZOONO®’s innovative germ popping technology is proven effective against a wide range of bacteria.
The long list of efficacy test passes includes PAS2424, EN13697, EN1276 and EN1650.
Independently Tested
ZOONO® has had to pass several efficacy tests to be approved by some of the world’s most trusted organisations. Companies that put their people and customers first are rushing to incorporate ZOONO® into their strict hygiene protocols.
Doesn't Wash or Wipe Off
ZOONO® provides extra protection which remains intact after regular handwashing and routine cleaning.

Technological Revolution
ZOONO®’s unique technology is only available from ZOONO® directly or a ZOONO® Authorised Partner.
ZOONO® works by coating the surface with a layer of positively charged molecular pins.


This protective layer attaches to the surface using a covalent bond which then attracts and kills negatively charged pathogens by rupturing their cells.


When pathogens touch the surface, they pop and are destroyed, which means they can’t affect you and they can’t evolve into superbugs.
What’s more, this clever popping action is effective on 99.9% of bacteria and has also been proven against a range of viruses.

What is the difference between ZOONO® and standard disinfection products?

Traditional Cleaning Methods
• Traditional products kill on contact but are no longer active when dry
• This means the surface is open to be contaminated again once dry
• Surfaces can be contaminated from microbes that are present in the air (commonly through coughing or sneezing), via touch (hands) or by contact from a contaminated surface (such as food, soiled water).
• Once bacterium is present on a surface, it can double every 20 minutes (E. coli is one example of this).
• One single bacterium can multiply to 8,388,608 bacteria in just 8 hours!
Antimicrobial Costings
• ZOONO® covalently bonds to the surface and provides a protective coating to the surface that works by physically rupturing microorganisms.
• ZOONO® offers continued protection between cleaning opportunities.
• It is designed to be used in conjunction with the routine cleaning protocol to enhance the level of protection offered and to maintain a higher level of cleanliness than is achieved with a standard cleaning protocol.
• High touchpoints (such as rails & buttons) are high risk areas as they’re touched by multiple hands posing the opportunity for microbes to spread person-to-person and surface-to-surface.
• ZOONO® provides a layer of protection for up to 30 days once applied to surfaces.
• This helps prevent the contamination and subsequent growth of microbes on surfaces after they’ve been cleaned.
• This results in surfaces and high touch point areas maintaining a higher level of cleanliness, continues to kill microbes as they are introduced to the surface and helps reduce the spread of microbes and therefore illness
• Trial results from the use of ZOONO® within a major hotel chain have shown a reduction of 46% in the time taken to clean the designated areas alongside a 59% reduction in cleaning costs

Result Reports

How can you be sure it works?

Our unique technology is a vital part of some of the strictest hygiene protocols around the world and has been tried and trusted by various of industries for over 12 years.
“One of my greatest passions within microbiology is infection prevention and control and I believe it is a subject that is hugely important and can affects us all. ZOONO® provides innovative antimicrobial technology, modifying surfaces and bridging the gap between routine cleaning cycles. For me, ZOONO® holds huge potential in terms of revolutionising infection prevention and control, not just within the healthcare industry but in transport, industry, work and home environments too. Having a long-lasting antimicrobial coating protecting surfaces helps reduce transmission of potentially nasty germs – with the bonus of antimicrobial hand sanitiser products acting as an additional, protective barrier. I enjoy working for ZOONO® as I know our products can help protect people and make a positive difference to their everyday lives”.
Jade Pallett
ZOONO® Microbiologist

From airlines to manufacturing and healthcare to childcare, numerous industries around the world are discovering the sanitisation benefits of ZOONO®

In March 2020, ZOONO® was identified by global media as one of the most innovative sanitising solutions available, and since then hundreds of thousands of people have incorporated ZOONO® into their daily lives.



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